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The white t-shirt.

Why it works so well, we do not know.

But somehow it works for everyone.

It’s the most basic of basics, we all have at least one. Yet why does it elude us? Like the perfect pair of jeans, the perfect white t-shirt is deceptively complex. Tighter collar, sturdier fabric, longer sleeves, the perfect crop — It can (almost) always be better.

But even in her mediocre state, nothing is more satisfying with jeans than that crisp clean white cotton. James Dean knew it. Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen too.

This ultra-basic — a near non-decision — has become a statement all it’s own. There is an innate power it its simplicity. It speaks to cleanliness and newness, a moment of quiet in a multicolored world, a simultaneous defender of minimalism and promoter of any and all ideas possible to cover it with. On its own, the ultimate uniform for low maintenance, masculine style.

A garment of a thousand identities.

It begs for ketchup drips, curry splashes, or ramen stains — How many days of shiny happy spotless glory will you get before the color of rainy skies and dish water settles in? Do you push her to the bitter end, wearing each character stain like a badge of honour? Or retire her to the pyjama drawer after just a few laundry days?

In a mere afternoon of big-city shopping, Blair and I found white t-shirts for $5, $50, $500, and $5000. You did read that right. $5643 to be exact. Not $5644 or even $5645, now that would just be absurd. But who is to say what this simple piece is worth, and how long it lasts? Well, you decide. $50 is certainly an easier pill to swallow than $5000. I’ve always joked that instead of a sports car or investment handbag, I want a brand new white t-shirt every day. Completely unsustainable. But funny how such an unassuming garment can give off the feeling of a fresh start. A new day waiting for new ketchup drips and ramen stains.

In your new t-shirt, the world is yours.

Why it works so well, we do not know. But somehow it works for everyone. Despite our differences across the world, it is a garment that truly unites us all.

Better together.



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